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  • The Solaro Aire™ was designed by experts in the art of air flow with years of aerodynamic engineering skills. The Solaro Aire™ will out perform all other products on the market today, not only in terms of air movement performance but also curb appeal. The Solaro Aire™ removes moisture that can cause mold and mildew in the winter and will thoroughly and effectively ventilate up to 1500 square feet during the hot summer months.

  • There’s light outside, so turn off your old fashioned, power guzzling lights and plug into the power of the sun with the Solaro Day™. Start enjoying the benefits of solar-powered full spectrum natural sunlight in your life. The Solaro Day™ daylight simulator can be used inside your home, office or any other structure, on any level.


Thanks for your interest in become a Solaro Energy dealer! Solaro Energy is currently seeking dealer and installers for specific geographic areas in North America. Solaro Energy™ is the North American leader in providing green solar powered products. Unlike most the competition, our product line doesn’t stop with solar powered attic fans.

Solaro Aire High Profile

The High Profile style fan is intended for concrete and “S” tile roofs. Comes with built-in 20 watt solar panel. May also be used for flat or composite shingle roofs.

Solaro Aire Low Profile

The Low Profile style fan is great for composite and shingle roofs. Comes with a built-in 20 watt solar panel & 24” square base.

Solaro Aire Gable Fan

The Solaro Aire Gable Mount fan is designed to be installed inside your attic over an existing gable vent or other existing roof penetration. Easy installation, and high performance!

Solaro Aire Remote SP

The Remote Solar Panel models are perfect for installing a High or Low Profile Square roof mount fan and solar panel separately, due to limited light access in a desired fan location.

Solaro Day™ LED Lighting

How Does It Work?

Starting out at the roof level, Solaro has designed a line of special proprietary solar panels that collect sunlight, even on cloudy days, and convert it into safe low voltage DC power. We send that power to a Solaro Day™ daylight simulator for use inside your home or office. The Solaro Day™ daylight simulator will create the same light that a traditional or tubular skylight creates but without the costly installation including the cutting of a large hole in your roof or ceiling. You will also be able to experience the sun up, sun down and cloud movement inside when your Solaro Day™ is powered directly by the solar panel, just as you would experience with a skylight. The Solaro Day™ typically requires only a 1/2 inch diameter hole drilled into your roof for the interconnect cable making the installation fast and simple!

The engineering department at Solaro Energy™ has been designing skylights and solar powered point of use products for over 20 years with several patents to their credit, so we know sunlight and how to use it for man’s benefit. We are confident that not only will the Solaro Day™ bring lower energy bills, but will bring comfort to your home and family!

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Based in Lake Elsinore CA , Solaro Energy, Inc. is the manufacturer of a variety of residential and commercial solar electric generation systems, solar electric lighting and solar ventilation products. At Solaro Energy, Inc. we are driven to become the industry standard and worldwide source of solar-powered solutions for residential, commercial, manufacturing, and municipal environments. We are committed to helping the planet stay green. We will only produce high-quality, durable products that provide long-lasting, reliable, and maintenance-free performance returning measurable economic benefits to our customers.